CCOF certified Organic Grass Fed and Finished Wagyu/Angus Beef

The Lost Coast Ranch raises organic beef, lamb and goats on the perennially green pastures of the north coast of California in Humboldt County.  Our practices includes rotational grazing, reseeding native perennial grasses along with clovers to recover rangeland health, wildlife improvements, low stress management that includes that our animals never set hoof in trailers but move from pasture to pasture guided by riders on horse and a few dogs.  We're never in a hurry, just like the cows.  or  (707) 629-3506

North End of the Lost Coast at the mouth of the Mattole RIver

Come visit anytime.  There is camping at the BLM Mattole Beach campground.  We'll be glad to show you the herd, but the spectacular scenery will probably grab your attention more.  Lots to do on our north end of the Lost Coast:  Hiking, boating on the river, surfing, seeing the Elephant Seals or watch whales passing by off-shore.

If you would like to know more about our specific practices of land or herd management, just ask.

View East with our Moore Hill Ranch across the Mattole River

In February we will be offering WAGYU X ANGUS grass finished beef and we're excited to see the difference from our Angus.  For the next two animals, they will be available at our normal pricing for Angus - approximately $9/# packaged meat - half, quarter or 50# box of mixed cuts.

Pure Angus Ribeye steaks, cut 1" thick

We anticipate the WAGYU will be even more marbled and more tender than the ANGUS pictured above. 

Also, the introduction of WAGYU has brought differences. The stock is friendly and curious.  Although we don't pet them, they will stand next to us and allow us to touch them even though they were never handled before.  Our ANGUS never ran from us, but these WAGYU actually approach on their own.