Lost Coast Ranch®

Established in 2007, we raise CCOF Organic Livestock, mainly beef, but also Goats and Sheep.



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Michael Evenson

PO Box 157

Petrolia, CA 95558

(707) 629-3506



Since 1969, we've been working to produce the very best grass fed meat possible, and since 2007 from 2000 acres of coastal pastures on the Lost Coast, Humboldt County, California. The herd consists of 50 cows, their calves, yearlings, pasture-finished 2yr olds and bulls.  All stock (except the bulls) are born on the ranch and never set hoof in a trailer.  We do not purchase animals for fattening. Periodically our family drives stock to new pastures patiently with horses and dogs.  Often our wranglers are mostly women: daughters, grand-daughters and old friends.

Two years ago we began breeding Wagyu into the herd and next year we will have grass finished Wagyu/Angus beef, known for its marbling and tenderness. The second generation Wagyu calves are dropping this spring. They are lively, healthy, amazingly fast runners, and growing fast.

The climate is mild, rarely dipping to freezing in winter or exceeding 75 degrees in summer.  It rains mainly in the fall and winter and there is fog often in the summer.  That makes for nutritious green feed year-round.  Cows like constancy. 

We have been renovating and reseeding pastures that historically were run down.  By bringing back deep-rooted perennial grasses, many of them California native species, and clovers, the soil increases in fertility and depth while it is grazed.  It also increases the forage two to three times its previous capacity.  We’ve also added sheep, which adds fertility and vitality.  And to deal with the current drought, we employ a reserve pasture system.  All pastures rest for 6-8 months that includes a large rain.

The secret to healthy animals is to raise them with the least stress possible.  Our herd is not afraid of people, but they are not pets either.  They live in family units, free on the lush pastures overlooking the Pacific Ocean and the Mattole River, choosing what to eat from a wide selection of grasses, legumes and forbs.  Stock density is low and pastures contain an abundance of nutrients even after animals are moved off.  We occasionally do supplement their forage with organic hay, about 150 pounds per animal per year.  Primarily, it is used to encourage them to come to us when we gather, rather than to feel afraid and run off in the brush.  In our 40 years of operation, we have had no disease problems and have not had to administer any medicines.

Our preferred way to market is through direct sales to individuals.  Customers purchase an animal or portion of animal and specify the quantity of meat and cuts that they want.  We slaughter in the field on the ranch and then take the carcass to the local butcher shop for aging and cutting.  In this way, the animals die as carefree as they lived.  They are not confined prior to killing or trucked to a facility where the smells and sounds of distress can cause adrenalin to circulate wildly. We also can send animals to the local FDA inspected slaughterhouse in Eureka.

Email today to reserve your beef.

Approximate yield and estimated cost for packaged, frozen meat for one quarter, one half and full steer based on live weight.  This weight will vary somewhat with the individual animal selected – Meat will be cut, packaged and delivered frozen to Oakland.  We also ship Fedex anywhere in the USA for an additional $4/lb.


1000#steer Quarter Half Whole
Steaks (27%) 22.2 45.6 90.0
Roasts (24%) 20.0 40.0 80.0
Hamburger (40-45%) 35.6 71.1 142.2
Short Ribs, Stew Meat, etc. (9%) 7.8 14.4 30.0
Total Approximate Weight packaged meat 85.6 171.1 342.2
Approximate Freezer Cubic Feet Required 3.3 6.7 12.2
Price per # packaged meat $10.20 $10.10 $10.00

(According to manufacturers, the total freezer space in a side by side refrigerator/freezer is typically 9 to 10 cubic feet.  The freezer space in a smaller refrigerator where the freezer is on top or bottom is 5-6 cubic feet.  A standard chest freezer holds approximately 14 cubic feet.  The electrical cost to keep a steer frozen runs $1.75 per month.)


Along with drought and feed costs, prices have been climbing.  Last year it was $9.00/# of packaged meat for a whole animal.  When our Wagyu beef is ready for slaughter in 2019, we will price it somewhere around $12/#, a significant savings over currently available Wagyu.


To order or get more information, call Michael Evenson at (707) 629-3506 or email evenson@igc.org.  Please specify the approximate weight of packaged meat you would like or  whether you want a ¼, ½ or whole steer or if you would like a distribution of meat cuts different from those specified above.  Payment can be made by PayPal (add 3%) personal check or cash.


To learn about the health benefits and cooking tips for this purely pastured grass fed meat (as opposed to feedlot grass fed beef), please visit: http://eatwild.com/   

We have marketed livestock to Eel River Organic Beef where it shows up at Whole Foods and other fine outlets.

Lost Coast Ranch® livestock is certified organic by CCOF®.



Lost Coast Ranch®     PO Box 157 Petrolia, CA 95558    707-629-3506    mike@lost-coast-ranch.com